So, I had planned to use this post to announce the one-page summary winners, and to discuss them, but I’m going to have to bump them one more day.

*** SPOILER ALERT *** I will be mentioning the climax of The Book of Knowledge, which just sold out on Amazon. However, there are more on the way.

It seems there is a storm a-brewing in the ultra-conservative, hot bed of fundamentalism, Portland, OR. Yes, that’s right. I typed Portland, OR. It seems that even in that green, progressive city, people still want to burn and ban books.

It all started a few weeks ago when my author, David Michael Slater, got interviewed for his local paper. Then this week the state paper, The Oregonian, ran the following article:

Beaverton teacher’s teen adventure series is stirring up a storm

You should really read the comments on it. Add to them if you’ve read the book. Or for that matter even if you haven’t. Reading the book never seems to be a requirement for engaging in a banned book discussion. My personal favorite is the one that called David a satanist. I’m assuming the person hasn’t read the book, although of course I could be wrong. It’s just that there aren’t any witches, wizards, black cats, black masses, inverted crosses or other things associated with satanism in the book. There are just books (and a reinterpretation of the first part of Genesis. It’s not even the whole book.) But I suppose to some, books (or perhaps reinterpretations) are satanic.

It’s been snowballing from there.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. If anything I’m running around giggling with glee. I want my books to get banned — it’s my whole slogan and all. And if anything, I kind of expected this one would. You can’t really publish a book where ***SPOILER*** one of the characters is biblical Adam trying to rid the world of free will in an effort to coax God to return to Earth. There’s a good chance you’ll get some flack.

However, I must point out that I can’t imagine a child reading this and going, “Wow, the Torah (or Bible) is wrong on this. It says Adam and Eve had children and died, but Slater in his fictitious book says Adam really is still alive today trying to trick kids into using a magic book to destroy free will. And then God will come back. Yeah!” I mean this is no DaVinci Code that was based on suppossed historical facts that supposedly proved the whole mortal, married Jesus thing. I’m pretty sure no one’s claiming an insane thousands-of-years-old Adam is running around. But of course, Pullman’s Dark Materials and Lewis’ Narnia aren’t exactly paragons of realism and they have been censored for their religious overtones.

So, if anyone decides to stage a public burning, as David says, buy them first. But then let me know because I a)want the pictures and b)will plant a tree to offset the carbon footprint of the bonfire. It seems like an Oregonesque (and Earth friendly) thing to do.

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