All right, now I have an addendum for the tip I posted earlier: If an editor (or agent) asks for your full manuscript, send them the entire thing. Do not just send the chapters they haven’t seen yet, unless they specifically ask you to.

Previously in the contest, the entrants submitted the first 3 chapters as part of their book proposal. I just got an email for chapters 4-10. Now, I was not on the initial reading committee, so I have never seen chapters 1-3. Even if I had, I wouldn’t remember them since it’s been several months since the initial reads. I now can’t read this one until someone at BTP gets me the rest.

And as an FYI, these are blind readings I’m doing. I have no idea who the people are that are doing these things. But if it does happen to be you, remember these tips the next time you are asked to submit a full. It just makes the editor’s life easier. And since I’m typing this with one hand while the other holds a sick, but fortunately sleeping, baby, I could use as much easy as I can get.

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