Well, my Twitter/Facebook update experiment is over. I generally let everyone see what one of my week’s was like. Of course, it wasn’t entirely accurate because I got too stressed on Friday to try to do posts. I also worked a little Saturday and a lot Sunday. It was one of those weeks where I don’t get a day off. Sigh. The joys of being your own boss.

However, now we’re back to the normal editorial fare for this blog. And this week, I though we’d talk about my favorite genre of all: the mystery.

I think there is a sad lack of pure mysteries in the midgrade and YA age ranges. You find lots of mystery chapter book series and hundreds of adult mysteries, but not that many midgrades and YAs. And of the midgrades and YA mysteries you do find, they almost always cheat.

For example, in Chasing Vemeer when the painting uses supernatural means to tell the children where it is, that’s not solving a mystery. It’s cheating. Or in Getting the Girl when the author withholds crucial information that would have solved the mystery early on, but the mystery isn’t solvable without it, that’s not a great mystery. It’s cheating.

So, this week instead of a writing prompt, I thought we could have an extra discussion. I am interested in knowing what are some of the great midgrade and YA mysteries that you’ve read. Go to the forum for Buried in the Slushpile to join the discussion I started there.

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