For this week, I thought we could all brainstorm and share interesting, different, and creative ideas for release parties. Whether your book is soon to be published or you’re still working on the first draft, at some point your book will come out. It’s never too early to start planning for its release.

Here are some interesting things some of my authors have done:

PJ Hoover – At both of her release parties, Tricia gave away backpack tags for the kids. More unique than bookmarks, these little laminated cards clip on a kid’s bag. When the kid takes the bag to school, other kids learn about the book. Sneaky.

David Michael Slater – is sending kids on a literary treasure hunt around town this year for the release of Book of Knowledge.

What are some successful things you’ve done at book releases? What good ideas do you have for future parties?

If you are willing to share, join us on Get Me Out of the Slushpile! for our discussion.

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