Tip of the Week: Integrate as much of your social media as possible to save time and headaches.

Thanks to all those badges and widgets that I mentioned yesterday, you can now interconnect your blogs, websites, and various social media pages. This can save you all sorts of time.

For instance, when I push the publish button on this post, thanks to the modern miracle of widgets, this post will appear on my profile page and on the sidebar of Get Me Out of the Slush Pile!. It will also show up on my Facebook profile and on the Buried in the Slush Pile Page and on JacketFlap. And finally (if I ever get it to work) it will show up on my redesigned webpage.

Then, after I post this, I will go over to the Buried in the Slush Pile Page and add a status update. This will automatically show up on my Twitter account which will then show up on the sidebar here and on my homepage.

Neat, huh?

With minimal effort I will have created dynamic content for several sites, but I will only have to log on to two. And one of the good things about all this is (with the exception of my website) none of this integration required any knowledge of coding or html. It’s all point and click. Anyone can do it.

So, go ahead and try. Save yourself the hassle of trying to post the same content multiple times. Just do it once and be done.

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