Yesterday we talked about writing keyword rich text and practiced writing keyword rich bios. Today we’ll discuss one of those places you can use those bios.

Now, I realize that most people are acquainted with Facebook, and that the majority of you already have profiles there. But have you considered how useful the place is for book marketing?

For starters, you can set up a page devoted to your book. I set up the following 4 pages this morning. To do all 4 pages, it took me less than 1 hour. You can see them by clicking on their badges below:

Admittedly, I just set them up this morning, so they don’t have a ton of content on them yet. But you can see all the different places content can be added. And there are some great things you can do:

  1. Add your blog using the Networked Blogs app.
    Then, when you update your blog, it automatically updates on your page.
  2. Upload photos.
    You can add book covers, interior artwork, photos from events, fan art, etc.
  3. Upload video — like book trailers.
  4. Post events.
    Let people know about release parties, contests, or other activities related to your book.
  5. Have discussions about your book.
    Fans can ask you questions about the character or possible sequels or embarrassing personal questions you can then choose to ignore.

The possibilities are almost literally endless. And once you add the badge to your blog and/or website (like I did on the right hand side), people will join the site as fans. For once, you don’t have to find them, they’ll find you.

And of course, the best part about all of it is that it’s free.

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