Yesterday the Blooming Tree folks and I spoke at the monthly meeting of the CenTex chapter of the ACFW, a Christian writing group. This got me thinking about the subject of religion in writing, not something I think I’ve discussed on this site before. So, this week is going to be devoted to the more spiritual types of fiction writing.

Most of the time when people think of religous writing, they think of Christian Fiction or Inspirational Fiction or Jewish Fiction or some other niche market. But you can find religion in regular main stream, traditional market books. Off the top of my head, there’s Patron Saint of Butterflies and Blue is for Nightmares. In both of these books, religion is an integrated part of the story.

And that I think is the key, regardless of whether you are writing for the main stream or one of the niche markets. The religion must be an integrated, fundamental part of your story. A secular story with random Bible quotes dropped in doth not a Christian Fiction story make. If you have an extremely devout character, then their religion should permeate every aspect of their life. On the other hand, a character that only attends temple on the high holy days every other year probably is not going to be quoting the Torah or Talmud on a regular basis. You want the religious aspect of your story to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the work, not pop out at random places.

So, this leads us to the writing prompt for this week:
Write a one page scene in which the religion is an integrated part of the story, not just a random reference every now and then.

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