In the excerpt on Monday, the kids found a record in Ancient Lemurian. As part of my all things Lemurian this week, I thought I’d share with the world what Lemurian looks like and how you too can type phrases in Lemurian.

At this link here, you can see examples of actual Lemurian texts and download a font that lets you type in Lemurian. Now I realize that most of you who read my blog are a little old for this kind of thing, but it’s really popular with kids. They like to give each other messages in code.

This would be an example of a relatively easy marketing tool. Since I already had Adobe Illustrator, I merely had to get a fairly inexpensive font creator. What’s even better is that now I can make all sorts of fonts for all sorts of projects.

Once the font is made, it’s then really easy (and free) to distribute. You just stick it on your website. And like I had mentioned before, kids (and some adults) love these kinds of playthings. It’s another way to link people to your book.

Another way to use this font as a marketing tool, is to use as part of a contest. In October, we’ll be giving away book sets based on kids’ abilities to decode messages posted around the web.

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