One of my goals for this year is to relaunch my personal website Madeline As you probably saw if you just clicked over, it’s horrendously out of date and awfully childish. I want a more mature, adult look for the site I present to the world.

So, I’m thinking of going with something more like this.

Now that page is just a test. The links go nowhere at the moment (except for my blog), and I still haven’t gotten my posted excerpts from my blog to show up. Oh, and you might have noticed that there isn’t any actual information in the text block for the middle. However, it is something of visual interest to look at.

I would love to get feedback on the new look, especially if it does something wonky in your browser. Of course I’ve tested it in my browser at different screen resolutions, but I don’t have every browser ever made. If you do comment, please let me know your browser type and screen resolution (if you know it). My stat tracker can tell me the number of people who use what, but they won’t link it to an individual comment.

I appreciate any and all comments. And since I’m doing this myself, I can directly incorporate the stuff you give me to think about without having to involve a designer. — One of the few benefits of doing everything yourself.

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