I have had a busy past few months. So busy, that I was unable to even pretend to try to keep up with blogging. There were book covers to design, interiors to layout, text to edit, text to have copyedited, and a NBN transition team to head. And all with only half a brain available.

(There is a horrifying rumor that my brain will never return to pre-pregnancy efficiency. I’m trying to chalk this up to urban myth told to new soon-to-be-mothers to scare them. Kind of like a hazing ritual. At least I’m hoping this is what is going on.)

And one of the other things I’ve been doing has been preparing for the conference held by Blooming Tree Press and the local Austin SCBWI. I spoke at two different break out sessions, one on online marketing, one on critiquing. So, like always, I’m now making the handouts from the conference available.

For the handout from the online marketing session, click here.

For the critiquing session, I haven’t posted the handout. Instead I’ve put up the little article I wrote a few years back that the session was based on. The checklist for critiquers is at the very end of the article. To view it, click here.

And in the next few days I’ll start posting some of the stuff I’ve been working on these last two months — this includes excerpts from some of the upcoming books.

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