I have finally joined the world of Twitter and have officially become a Twit.

(Personally, I feel that many of my friends and family have considered me a twit for years, but since I didn’t tweet on Twitter my twitiness was still debatable.)

I have to confess that I’ve known about Twitter for quite some time, but I’d been reluctant to join in. Perhaps I didn’t understand the joy of micro-blogging. Perhaps I thought it pointless and a waste of time. Perhaps I am just getting old and don’t catch on to new technologies as quickly. Or it could be a little bit of all of the above.

However, as my time constraints seem to grow at the same rate as my belly, I find it harder and harder to blog even 4 times a week, much less daily. And that brings Twitter and its micro-blogging platform to the rescue. I do think I can manage to type 3 sentences on a regular basis. And if it’s as addictive as I hear, I’ll soon have tweets coming out the wazoo.

If you go to visit my tweets right this second, they aren’t very exciting. However, I’m going to hear the Leitich Smiths (Cynthia and Greg) speak on a panel hosted by the Writer’s League of Texas. I think this may give me a chance to show my new twitiness off.

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