This year we’ll be putting out 4 books here at CBAY. My editorial assistant has been hard at work trying to get them all copyedited. And I have been working hard to get covers and interiors done.

Now, I feel the need to show off my progress so far. Here are the books releasing in August:

The highly anticipated, at least by me, sequel to last year’s Book of Nonsense, The Infinite.

Briefly, this book picks up where the last book left off — the twins still have to fulfill The Council’s mission and destroy the Book of Nonsense. Unfortunately, it’s in the hands of the badly burned but still deadly Emmett. What’s worse, Rash’s ledger of containing lists of words of power have turned up at the dump where someone is wreaking havoc. If the twins work together, they might have a chance. The problem is, they might not actually be working together.

Curious to know more? I’ll be posting an excerpt from the book next week.

This is CBAY’s debut paperback release, The Secrets of the Cheese Syndicate, by Class of 2k9 debut author, Donna St. Cyr.

In this book, Robert Montasio did not think his day could get any worse until his sister drinks a bizarre soda that causes her to start shrinking. Robert’s only hope is a mysterious organization known as the Secret Cheese Syndicate. Unfortunately, they cannot help without a special cheese that has been lost for years. Now, with a tiny little sister in his pocket, Robert has to travel the world to find the Mystic Cheese of Eliki and, perhaps, discover secrets from his family’s past.

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May be excerpted and duplicated for educational purposes.
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