You get to update lots and lots of websites. There’s Amazon and Barnes & Noble (which Boss does) and the other major online retailers as well as all sorts of industry sites like Bowker’s Books in Print.

And then, of course, there is my own. I have finally got the CBAY Books site all prettied up with accurate covers and an authors page. Curious about what my authors look like? Click on over and take a look.

And since at the moment I’m the webmaster for the Blooming Tree site (except for the store. I take no responsibility for the store.), I’ve gotten that site all updated too. Make sure you hit refresh on the home page you can see the new graphic with all of our 2008 books. I’m particularly pleased with that. And as soon as Marketing provides me the copy, I’ll have all our authors and links to their homes on the web on that site as well.

Now, I’ll stop tooting my own horn.

Back to work.

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