This month, CBAY’s books debut. That’s right. The very first two books to ever come out with the little Children’s Brains are Yummy logo on the side will appear. The printer is finishing up with them as I write.

It’s a bit scary, really.

Alright terrifying.

Whenever a book I’ve worked on comes out, I always have a small twinge of worry. I suspect that it’s the same feeling parents have when they have to introduce their child to a new situation. I wonder:

  • Will anyone like the book?
  • Will anyone like the book enough to buy it? This is even more key when it’s a CBAY book — something I have my own money invested in.
  • Will anyone love the book as much as I do?
  • Will anyone even know the book exists?

Fortunately, I have marvelous, fabulous authors who are trying to alleviate my worries on that last one.

David Michael Slater of Book of Nonsense (Sacred Books, Volume I) fame has been working non-stop with his publicist to make as many people aware of his book as possible. In fact, he was so pleased to be selected for the ABC Best Books 2008 Catalog that he talked me into printing up stickers celebrating the fact. Admittedly, I wasn’t hard to persuade.

And Tricia, who wrote The Emerad Tablet (Forgotten Worlds, Book 1) has been speaking at conferences all over the place this fall. And look at the cool video she did for her book.

My authors are the best.

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