I love it when the universe organizes things for my own personal satisfaction. We’re about to enter banned book week, and books are now being challenged right here in the Austin metropolitan area.

I know. Who’d a thunk?

Then I had the dilemna of where to write about it. After all, I’ve been running all that Banned Book stuff over at Bookpeople’s kids blog, but this is a local issue, and if Bookpeople is viewed as taking a side, there could be all sorts of financial ramifications. And at the beginning of a recession, the last thing the store needs is boycott during the holiday season.

Finally, I decided to go ahead and post over there, but I added not one, but two disclaimers to stave off people verbally firebombing the store. The post and my views on the local challenged book controversy can be found here.

I’m hoping this turns into a well-reasoned debate and not people name calling. We shall see. And I shall edit those I find inappropriate.

And Austin authors: what do you think about this happening in our own backyard? I have to admit I was surprised.

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