Now as some you may know, the slogan of CBAY Books is to publish “The Banned Books of Tomorrow.” The idea behind that is my publishing philosophy. I try to publish the books that are perhaps a bit more controversial than most. You know, the books where the gods are super-humanoids not deities (Emerald Tablet) or where Adam from the Garden of Eden is a wee bit insane (Sacred Books, Volume III).

Because these are the kinds of books that some people find objectionable, these are the types of books that often end up challenged in school libraries. And with my first two CBAY Books releasing in October of this year I fully expect to see both books to have been challenged by this time next year.

But until we can celebrate my banned books, let’s take some time to think of other books that have been banned in the past. Over on the BookKids blog, I’ve discussed the issue of banned books and Banned Book Week. Also over there, I’ll be trying to mention a Banned Book a day through the end of Banned Book Week on October 3.

Join us on the other blog to celebrate those books that have been affected by censorship.

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