I’ve been on the beach for the last few days for a little fun on the sun and a wedding. I had never been to Yelapa before, and it was a very neat little, secluded place.

I had intended to get lots of reading done, but the place had such a high, never-ending humidity, that I was afraid to get my reader out. It ended up spending the entire vacation hiding in a dry bag in my luggage. On the plus side, it still works. On the negative side, I didn’t get much done.

Instead I read the first two books in Pullman’s Sally Lockhart series. I had read them before, but I couldn’t remember them. I also knew that I never read the third book, and I wasn’t sure why.

Now I know. After reading the first 2 books, I don’t feel any need to read the third book. I had it with me, and I tried to start it, but I just didn’t get into it. In fact, I went and bought an adult mystery at the Borders in the Phoenix airport.

I hate that I don’t want to finish the series (especially since I already bought all the books). I’m a completist and dislike not finishing what I’ve started. It’s going to have to join the ranks of series like the Ulysses Moore series or the Warriors of even the Gossip Girls where I just didn’t feel the need to read after a certain book.

What series have you not felt the need to get past the first, second, or third book?

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