It has occurred to me that maybe one of the reasons I’m not posting quite so much on this blog has something to do with the fact that I’m now running 2 blogs at once. Yes, that’s right. There are now 2 whole places where you can read my brilliant prose.

Of course, for all my musings on writing and getting published, you should stay tuned right here. But for interesting stuff I’ve read and my opinions on actual published books in a non-writing capacity, you will have to head on over to the BookKids blog. Yes, this is a BookPeople sponsored thing, so there will be event postings and the like that will most likely be interesting only to the people who live in Austin. But, there will also be book reviews and book talk about kid and teen books over there as well. For instance, I wrote all about my love of fantasy and Diana Wynne Jones here.

And the best part about this blog is that it will be (ideally) contributed to by people other than just me. You can read our book buyer’s opinion of stuff. And really, how often do you get to read the honest opinion of a children’s book buyer? (Other than on the PW sponsored blog Shelftalker, I mean.)

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