I have officially responded to every person who entered the pitch contest.

If you didn’t get an email from the pitch contest email address, let me know ASAP.

I tried to do these as quickly as possible so that I could get them all done tonight before bed. So, that means that I had to take a few shortcuts. I apologize now if I

  • misspelled something or added or missed a word in a sentence
  • addressed your email to the wrong person, wrote the title to the wrong book, or classified your book in the wrong genre
  • sent you something resembling a form email

If I asked to see some or all of your work and there was nothing wrong with your pitch, I did indeed send you a form email. My reasoning was that I wanted to get back to everyone as fast as possible. Since I’ll be looking at your work in more detail when you send me whatever I’ve requested, I plan to give you a more personal response at that time.

However, if I did not ask to see your work or there was something wrong with your pitch, I did not send a form email. I individually composed every single one of those messages and hopefully those of you who received them will now understand why I did not ask to see your work. In almost every instance it was because it was a book that would not work with our list for some reason. I tried to give that reason in every case.

I would like to end by saying that all of the pitches I got were good. Clearly all of them had been thought out in advance and carefully crafted. Not a single one left me at a complete loss as to what the book was about. A few of the pitches left me asking a question or two, and I passed along my comments to those authors. Overall though, these were some of the better pitches that I’ve ever been presented. Bravo to all 28 of my entrants.

And everyone who didn’t enter, give a metaphorical round of applause to our contestants. It takes guts to present your work to a complete stranger. These folks were a brave lot.

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