The pitch contest is officially done, finished, complete.

Thank you to everyone who sent me in a pitch. There’s just a couple shy of 30 for me to read tonight and tomorrow. I hope to contact by Thursday the folks with manuscripts I would like to see. Hopefully on Friday we’ll be able to go through the winning pitch to see what did and did not work.

And speaking of Fridays, I want to bring back Tip of the Week Wednesday and Question of the Week Friday. Now, obviously I can come up with Tips, but I always need help with questions. Specifically, I need someone to ask me one.

Anybody, any question. I’m not picky.

Pretty please.

There are no stupid questions. And like my professors used to say, if you’re wondering about something, someone else out there is wondering too. So, use the comment section of this post to ask me some questions. Otherwise I will be unable to fully share my broad, sage, and utterly fabulous wisdom.

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