I am wiped.

There is no other word for it. Between all the walking and meetings and occasional drinks (I am not much of a drinker), I am exhausted.

Still, so much got done in one short week. For me it was mostly about meeting people. There are so many formal, informal, and social parties that are designed purely for networking, and I went to as many as possible.

So who did I meet?

So many folks I met were bloggers. Here’s a few of them:

  • Chad Gervich — Very cool guy that I met courtesy of Chuck and Brian at Writer’s Digest. He has all sorts of tips and advice for those of you interested in screenwriting. In fact, if you’re not tired of practicing pitches, he’s doing his own screenwriting pitch practice over on his blog. Go on over and try it out. The terms are different, but the ideas basically the same.
  • Scott Ginsberg — one of the top 100 business bloggers out there, Scott cohosted a class on blogging where I learned (but didn’t necessarily utilize) a ton. I’m working on shorter sentences. Here’s a picture of me with Bob Barker and the 24 hour name-tag wearing Scott.
  • Tracy from Jacketflap.com — Whenever I speak about getting published at a conference, I always name Jacketflap as a good resource. It’s a great place to network and to read editor and agent opinions. I’m syndicated there as well as all the major children’s literature blogs. It’s a brilliant idea and wonderful site. Here I am with some Jacketflappers including the founder Tracy.

So, I know this isn’t the most extensive list ever, but hey, I’m shy and not everyone blogs. Besides, I’m not going to list every agent, editor, or scout I met. That would be insane.

Go take a glance at my new friends. I’m sure they’d welcome the company.

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