Before BEA officially kicks off (and by kicks off I mean the exhibit hall with all of the freebies opens), there is all sorts of stuff for folks to do. The booksellers have an entire day of education, the authors had a whole day courtesy of Writer’s Digest to hone their craft, and I’m finishing my third day of Publishing University put on by the PMA or the Independent Book Publishers Association as they’re now called. It has been a fantastic few days of continuing ed. Even after several years in publishing there is always something new to learn. I’ve been doing P&L (profit & loss sheets — it’s one of the main ways a publisher can determine if a book is profitable and therefore worth buying) for years, but this morning I learned a new and better way to write out my P&Ls that will provide more information for more people than just me. And that was only one of the many classes I’ve attended.

But tomorrow, the real fun begins. First thing tomorrow morning I’ll be there with the rest of the huddled masses ready to begin our day of pilfering. Those publishers have tons of stuff for the taking, and I plan on taking.

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