Today the festivities began. The exhibitor hall at TLA (Texas Library Assoc. conference) officially opened and the attendees flooded in to visit the booths and snag as much free stuff as they could carry in their 4-9 canvas bags. Actually, they more trickled than flooded. The mass surge witnessed in last years TLA vlog was singularly lacking. In fact TLA has been in all honesty a wee bit dull this year. Of course constantly repeating the spiel: “These are our free readers for this season. On this side is our midgrade fantasy, and on this side our midgrade science fiction. Both will come out in October. We do picture books all the way through young adult. Here is a copy of our 2008 list. The full catalog can be found online.” — becomes soul sucking after a while. But I do that every year when I man a booth whether it’s at TLA, the Texas Book Festival, or somewhere else. That’s the nature of the beast. No, this year there just aren’t all that many exciting readers to grab from the other houses, and the attendee enthusiasm seems to be lacking as well. Maybe they’re all just tired before they wander to our booth, or maybe it’s Dallas sucking the life out of them. It’s hard to tell.

But the result of all this (and my lack of sleep — those books didn’t come until 8:15 last night) means that the footage I got for my blog is less than stellar. I think I can safely call it blah. So, in the hopes of getting better stuff in the next few days, I’ve decided that I’m going to do a composite video of my whole experience instead of a day by day account. Trust me. This will be better for us all.

Tomorrow instead of a video, I’m going to chat about the readers I am excited to have grabbed.

And speaking of grabbed ARCs, over 400 Emerald Tablets, all I brought in fact, were grabbed today, and all but 40 of the Book of Nonsense (I brought over 500 of those) were snatched up. We think that sets a Blooming Tree record for first day TLA. Great job PJ and David! I’m so excited that people are showing interest!

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