So my friend Chuck just sent me the funniest email in the world. Apparently in the most recent Writers Digest magazine, they list, in their opinion, the top writing websites, and this little blog is listed — as an agent. So, needless to say I’m tickled pink that someone over there (not Chuck) thought my blog worthy of mention. BUT, I am over the moon at the thought that this person didn’t pick up on the fact that I’m an editor, not an agent. I was so excited, that I had to read the email to my husband. He did not see the humor.

“Aren’t they basically the same thing?” he asked.

Sigh. Some people can just be so naive.

Personally, I would have thought that my screen name, Buried EDITOR, would have been a dead giveaway, but what do I know. And since submitting to an agent is almost exactly the same as submitting to an editor, all the same rules apply. If you’re stumbling on to this blog thinking you would be reading an agent’s musings on writing, then I hope that you still find something of use.

And if you want to see the sites Writers’ Digest chose last year, click here. I have it on great authority that this year’s sites won’t be put up for a few weeks. I wonder if my site will still be on it, and if so, where it will be placed. Any gueses?

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