Last night I scheduled my newest spring speaking engagement. As I was adding it into my calendar today, it occurred to me that I should make my schedule public so that if I’m going to be somewhere near you, you can come visit with me. I like being able to put faces with names even if I never seem to remember either one. So without much ado:

March 15 — San Antonio SCBWI monthly meeting
April 15-18 — TLA in Dallas (I’m not speaking, but I will be manning our booth. Yuck.)
May 28 — Agent/Editor Pitch Session hosted by Writer’s Digest at BEA (So, this one isn’t confirmed yet, but I shall cry if I don’t end up getting to do this. As far as I can tell, I’m the only person even sort of excited by the prospect of 2 straight hours of having authors pitch to me for three minutes.)
May 27-31 — BEA (I’ll be in LA for BEA although we don’t have a booth. However, I’ll happily meet up with anyone who is going to BEA too.)

Now if you’re looking at this and thinking, but I live nowhere near these places, then I have only one solution for you. You have to start your own conference and invite me to speak. I jest. But if you do know of a conference in your area, and you think I should be speaking at it, either recommend me to them or tell me about the conference and I’ll recommend myself. Either way we’ll all eventually meet up someday.

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