I have in the past few moments finally finished, completely and in its entirety, the first draft of my thesis. There are no more holes, areas of dropped logic, or gaps — at least not that I know of. I may find some when I go to revise tomorrow and my advisor will certainly find them, but for now I feel triumphant in that the lion’s share of the work is now done.

And my thesis is doubly exciting to me because it is also the first novel I have ever created. Weighing in at a lofty 34000 words, it’s a little shorter than most YA novels on the market these days, but really there was nothing more in that story to tell. And like all good first novels, after this one serves its purpose as thesis, it will go live on a shelf never again to see the light of day. However, the important thing is that I can finish a novel. I can really do it.

And trust me, if someone with as little writing discipline as me (I spent 4.5 hours today getting those last 3000 words done. I hadn’t worked on it for months up until this point.) can do it, than you can write a novel too.

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