We arrived in Florida safely last night, and now I’m getting ready for the conference. Technically it started this afternoon, but I don’t have anywhere to be until dinner and an agent/editor panel afterwards. The panel should be a bit of a trip since I’ve never actually sat on one of these before, and I’m the only dedicated kid person here. A few of the agents represent YA, and Miriam’s here, but since she has an adult division, she does both as well. To tell the truth, I’m a little bummed about being the only children’s editor (or agent). I was looking forward to networking with new folks, especially agents. I always hope to learn what interesting, new works agents are representing. At least I’ll get to hear about some teen manuscripts.

On the plus side, the sun came out today, and I was naughty and went down to the beach. I have a thousand things to do, like polish my thesis, but I ended up reading Zombie Blonds instead. That book is funny, strange, and weird. All I have to say is that the town is run by blond cheerleaders and football players who are creepy strong and might be zombies. Enough said. Read it when it comes out. Now, I must go change out of my tshirts and jeans and head to the conference. Hungry writers await me. (Hopefully they’re hungry for food, not me. I did just read a ton of zombie fiction.)

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