Tomorrow I leave rainy, dreary Austin for not-so sunny Florida where I’ll be speaking at the Space Coast Writers’ Guild’s annual conference. My topic is “Getting a Children’s Book Published.” Just the very title sends chills and thrills up and down my spine. Too exciting for words, I know. And because I know everyone is dying to know what I said, I will post my powerpoint presentation on Saturday after my presentation. That way, if I run out of handouts, people can get it. Also, that way everyone who is not fortunate enough to go to Cocoa Beach this weekend can take a peek.

Now, as I prepare for my journey, I’ve been trying to decide what to bring to read. Normally for a 4 day trip where I will have a good chunk of free time, I take between 6-8 books/working manuscripts. However, today I had the great fortune of finally acquiring a thesis advisor. Turns out I might get my MA after all. So, I plan to lock myself in my room for the times when I’m not needed either in a professional or social/networking capacity and then spend that time polishing my thesis and writing the pesky 3000 words missing at the end of the middle. That way I can send off my “masterpiece” next week and let thesis advisor #1 have a look-see. So, I’m only taking 2 readers, Zombie Blonds & The Compound, both Feiwell & Friends books, one manuscript, and one 50 page work in progress I promised to read through and give feedback.

I’m looking forward to this little sabbatical from real life. Florida. The beach. Books. Life doesn’t get much better.

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