When other blogs make posts like the one I’m about to make, I normally find them kind of self-congratulatory in a “Look how awesome I am” kind of way. However, I don’t know of any other way to say it, but look how freaking awesome we are. Blooming Tree Press has finally hit the big time. You will be able to find Blooming Tree books in any Barnes & Noble you happen to drop into.

Yes, that’s right. Septina: Penguins of Doom and Bad Girls Club will soon be available at any Barnes & Noble in the whole country. Need a copy in Des Moines? You’re local B&N will have one. And if you happen to live in a market with one of the top 20 B&Ns, you’ll be able to find Jessica McBean there too.

Breaking into the chains is a huge leap for a small press. It can make the difference between a profitable book and a dud. A majority of people still purchase their books in person from the available stock at their local bookstore. And whether we like it or not, the chains have a huge portion of the market. So, congratulations to Greg, Judy, and Carole. And keep a look out for their books on your local chain’s shelves.

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