It never pays to disappear into the great big off-web world for months on end. As a result, I managed to miss presenting at an internet conference this year. “How did this happen?” you might ask. “Madeline is generally a responsible individual.” And that is normally true. However, I wrote down the last day of the conference as the first day, and then didn’t catch the email that would have told me otherwise. You see, a robot (or twenty) found the email link on the side of this page and has been sending spam to others using my address. I get inundated with return to sender emails for emails I didn’t send. These are not caught by the spam blocker, and there’s no good way to search them out. I have to manually delete them, and I accidentally lose other content in the process. My solution is to change email addresses, and only occasionally check the one I have listed on the side. If you need to chat with me, still use that email, and I’ll respond to you using the new good one. It’s the best idea I could come up with. I am open to others.

As for what conference I missed, yes it was the Muse 2007 one. I got on the board today, and it looked like it had been very well organized and well run. I’m very sad I missed it. I encourage everyone to attend next years. The folks there do an excellent job. I have posted my lesson up there today, but I fear it may be to late. If anyone is dying to see my lecture on what to look for when critiquing, and the board has already gone down, then email me at the bad address, and I’ll send you the lecture from the good one.

I can’t believe I did that. Shame. Shame.

In other news, I changed bookstores, got promoted at both jobs, and no longer seem to be able to sleep for the 8-12 hours a night I need. I spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling trying to sleep instead of being more productive. It has made me grumpy, and apparently forgetful. Ah, life.

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