Today, for those of you who haven’t noticed, is Friday, the thirteenth of July. For the superstitious, this is a day of ill omen and bad luck. Those of us with black cats should scrupulously avoid them, and ladders are a no-no. I can’t think of any movies opening today, and I bet it’s not coincidence that Harry Potter doesn’t release this week.

I think that we should take back the thirteenth. For a writing prompt this weekend, think of the luckiest thing that could happen to a kid, and then write a 500 word story. And I mean a complete story with beginning, middle, and end, plot and a little character development. It’s hard to write a story this short, but it’s fun in that “It’s a Challenge!” kind of way. Email your stories to me by the end of Sunday, and I’ll pick my favorite and post it sometime Monday and send that person a free copy of Summer Shorts.

Write on, man. Write on.

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