Tip of the Week: Find inspiration from the world around you.

Now every writer in the world already knows this. You can get ideas fom someone’s passing comment, from the shape a cloud makes in the sky, or from the latest documentary on the History Channel. (Personally, I favor the Discovery Science Channel for ideas.) And these are great ways to get the story started. But you don’t have to stop there. Once the book is written, see how others went about getting published. Be inspired by their tales. Now, approaching agents and editors is not the time to get all creative. There’s established protocols for that. After your book is being published, though, it’s a great time to think of all sorts of new promotional activities. Look and see what others are doing and be inspired by their ideas. Try it a new way. Like you did with your writing, use new and inventive takes on old conventions. And your new creations, both in writing and in your promotions, will then inspire us all.

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