I am finally rejoining the blog world again after my long absence. I can’t say that I got just a whole lot done during my month of self-imposed exile — I mostly just slept. But I have reemerged into the daylight and am ready to start discussing kids’ books and writing with you again.

And in an effort to alleviate my guilt (or bribe my way back into your hearts, you can pick), I come bearing gifts. Specifically free screensavers. I’m learning to work with flash animation, and I felt one of the easiest things to do would be to put together some free screensavers. Since Greg Fishbone’s book From the Desk of Septina Nash: The Penguins of Doom came out this weekend, I thought I’d make some screensavers to commemorate the occassion. Unfortunately, of the 5 I made, only 3 work. So, you will not be able to download the one where Septina bounces off the walls in a straight jacket. It looked like this:

I was particularly proud of it. Alas. However, go to this here page to get Septina screensavers of your very own. Oh, and as a bonus, I included a screensaver for Judy Gregerson’s book, Bad Girls Club.

Coming soon: screensavers for Book of Nonsense, Emerald Tablet, and everyone’s favorite ferret, Fergus

Oh, and as always, I do love feedback. Let me know which one is your favorite. Around my house (meaning me and my husband), we favor the raining penguins on white. The actual screensaver is much less chaotic than the thumbnail.

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