I have survived my first day of BEA by the skin of my teeth. Overwhelming does not even begin to cover it. Mercifully, I had only one appointment for today, and it went well. I also met some wonderful people at the Children’s Dinner tonight including a film producer who is interested in Fergus the Ferret for a kids feature film. Now he had been drinking (but not drunk), but I am still optimistic.

The show itself is huge, Huge, HUGE!!! Multi-levels, booths upon booths of book goodness. Having that many book passionate people was a little bit like heaven. Having that many people bumping into you and hitting you with backpacks and then accidentally hitting people with totebags full of books, well, that’s a little bit of hell. All that sugar and spice and snakes and snails and puppy dog tails are what BEA is made of.

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