In exactly 3 weeks I leave for New York and that mammoth convention known as BEA. I’ll be taking husband and books to give out and boxes to get books in and flyers and handouts and so much stuff I might scream. I am, however, wildly excited. And now for the important part: who will be at BEA (or NYC) too? I have this wonderful opportunity to get to meet all sorts of blog buddies in person, and I want to make the most of it. I’m going to try to swing by the Donnell and meet fuse#8. And author Greg should be there, so I’ll meet him in person for the first time too. Are you going to BEA? Want to meet-up and discuss the kidlit-o-sphere, kids’ books, and publishing in general? Email me or comment below. I think it would be great fun to get a whole big group together – perhaps over drinks, ja? (I’ve started learning German.)

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