I took a nice break from all things editing, including this blog this week. It was nice and relaxing. I read some of the ARCs I got, I read the new Holly Black book, I enjoyed myself. But now I’m back and shall address the issue of editor stalking.

Editor stalking like author stalking or actor stalking is somehow contacting an editor at an inappropriate time or place. I will use for instance, the editor’s other place of employment. I got back from TLA to discover that someone had gotten one of the other Barnes & Noble employees to leave me a note in my locker asking how their manuscript was. Now, I know this wasn’t a free-lance job because I keep contracts on those. If it was someone’s work I agreed to look at as a favor then I feel bad, but I didn’t recognize the person’s name. And if it was something through one of the presses, that wasn’t the way to contact me. Sending me mail or email would be more appropriate.

Even though this person meant well, and the note was polite with no hostility, it was still just a little bit creepy.

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