I’m not taking another 4 month leave of absence. I’ve been a little under the weather and then out of town with no internet. So, I apologize for being a little late posting these.

Winner for Yak Drawing Contest:
Zach H.

Winners of the Librarian/Bookseller Contest:
Diane Schrecker
Carole Brooks

I have learned something from these last 2 contests:
1. My demographic ain’t librarians and booksellers
2. It ain’t children
3. 4 contests is a little bit much even for me. I’m going to go for 2 in the future.

I’ll be emailing the winners tomorrow to get their addresses. I have to run to the bookstore now. If I get a chance when I get home tonight, I’ll tell you a little bit about some of the books I’ve been reading at the store. All I can say is Skulldugery Pleasant? Funny.

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