I had a hard time choosing a winner. Everyone did such creative and interesting things with their entries. I had poems and stories. I had things for adults and things for kids. In the end, though, I had to pick a winner. I chose this one by Kristin:

I feel the warm, yellow sun. It is the start of a new day.
First, I count each leg. Good, there are still eight.
Now, I can eat. I run up to an old fly and take a long drink.
Look! A rip is in the web. I stop. I think. I know what to do.
I jump over the open part. Over and over, I jump.
“I did it!” I say. “Time to play!”

I liked the little twist when she says she has eight legs. And I love how she’s talking about a spider, but never uses the word. All in all, this was my favorite.

I do however, have a special Honorary Winner prize that I would like to give to A. She’s a six-year-old who submitted with the help of her mom’s typing. I have a sneaky suspicion this challenge wasn’t as hard for her since these are the words that make up a majority of her normal written vocabulary.

I want to milk my cow when I get up.
I don’t want to herd sheep.
I will bring my pet cat to the fair today.
She is pretty and black.
I hope she will get a prize.
She did (first one)!

Both winners will be receiving a copy of Yak.

But wait, there’s more . . . This last week leading up to the debut of Kay’s new book will have 2 more contests and an interview with the author.

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