We’ve now entered our second week of celebrating Yak. And I have another book to give away. This contest is going to be for the writers. However, I consider every person who blogs to be a writer, so this is really for everyone. This contest is a little more challenging. Here goes:

Write a 75 word anecdote set in the morning in Easy Reader format. I think everyone should appreciate what Kay had to go through to write this book. All but 10 of your words must come from the Dolce Word List, which are the most common words kids learn. Those remaining optional ten words must be a single syllable. Now your anecdote doesn’t have to be for kids, and other than following the wording rule and being set in the morning, it can be in any other format or genre. Just to make sure I was starting a contest that could be done, I wrote a sample piece:

I jump from bed.
My skirt is red
Under the yellow light.

I must eat.
I am beat.
I do not look so right.

I go to work.
I look a dork.
I walk in, but then I stop.

What is so bad?
Why am I sad?
I wish I had worn a top!

This has 54 words only 7 of which are not on the Dolce list. For some reason, it just kept coming to me in rhyme. Yours does not have to.

To enter the contest, use the email link on the sidebar to send me your submission by 11:00 PM CST on Friday. Be sure to title your email YAK CONTEST. I’ll post the winner and their winning entry on Saturday.

Good luck and good writing!

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