Well, this isn’t strictly about writing, but it was just so darn funny I had to share.

Last night when I was trying to upload that sad little 5 second clip onto my website, I felt like this:

Clip Here. I don’t know how to embed the file, so you’ll have to click.

That little 5 second clip last night, took me an hour and a half to make because I didn’t know how to use my new little camera. I then had to get it up on YouTube (not as hard) and embed on this site (still not to bad).

And if you were wondering what clip I’m talking about, I already took it down. I’ve proven my point. When I want to do exciting video for the blog, I now know how.

I have to thank Daphne over at The Longstockings for the great video link. I feel it completely sums up all of us technologically challenged people.

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