I am suffering from catastrophic laptop failure. Not only is this slowing me down when I try to work because I have to keep switching to my desktop, it also means that I have to sit at a desk instead of on a couch. I know. Poor me. But the laptop dying is a bit of a problem. And it’s more than just the problem with the screen and top. I can’t close it anymore since I knocked it off my desk the day before yesterday. That turned it into the world’s smallest desktop, but didn’t affect functionality. No, it’s had a longstanding problem with files mysteriously disappearing, and this has picked up this last week. I’m having to back up daily and stuff is still coming off the laptop (but not off the backup). I would think it was a virus except that it’s a Mac. Really, my computer has never been the same since the great hard drive wipe of June 2006.

But now I need to replace it. Should I get another Mac or go PC? My desktop is PC, and I’ve become enamored with an HP tablet, but I could go out and buy a Mac from the store tomorrow. It’s a tough call. I’ve been putting off deciding, but I have to choose tomorrow. Another week of not being able to take a computer to work will not be good or fun. This is not about books or writing, but, hey, it needed to be said.

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