The newest Blooming Tree book will be coming out on April 1. April Fools seems like the perfect date to introduce the world to a kid who finds a yak in his bed. So, I would like to introduce you to Kay Pluta’s There’s a Yak in My Bed, our newest independent reader picture book.

[updated 3/26/16: The book is out of print and the image that went here is no longer available.]

Now, what would be a book release party without presents? I’ve been given 10 books by the boss, and I’ve decided to have a few contests to give them away. We have 17 days until April 1, so I’m going to have 4 contests. Two are for everyone, one contest is for librarians and booksellers, and 1 is for kids.

I thought I’d start with a drawing for everyone. But, you can’t just submit your name. Here’s the challenge:
In the book, Ted wakes up one morning to find a yak in his bed. To enter this contest, you have to think of the strangest thing you could wake up and find in bed with you. (And my site is PG-13/R. No X-rated stuff. It’s too easy.) This contest will actually be determined by a drawing on Sunday, so you have a couple of days. To enter, use the comment section to post your idea of the strangest thing you could find in bed. If you post anonymously or your profile has no way to contact you, then you’ll need to leave your name or email so I can contact you. I’ll also post the winners. There are 3 books up for grab this round.

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