I have just finished redoing from scratch, again, the rest of the 2007 prodction schedule for Blooming Tree’s books. It’s a very full fall for us. We’re putting out 9 books in kids this year (not counting the picture book/easy reader that releases this month). Here’s the breakdown:

  • Number of Books Releasing by Month
    • July: 2
    • October: 2
    • November: 3
    • December: 2
  • Number of Books by Genre
    • Picture Book: 1
    • Chapter Book: 1 (first in a graphic novel series for this age)
    • Midgrade: 4 (1 is an anthology)
    • YA: 3 (1 is an anthology)

It’s going to be a busy next few months. For every book we ideally need to have it read for the printer around 6 months in advance (hence our traditional fall heavy releases). I can already feel the stress starting to collect, pool even.

And of course none of these dates are final. I’ve built in cushions, but still printers sit on books. Proofs don’t return to authors. Someone at BTP has a crisis and proofs don’t get made at all. There are so many variables, and so many of them are out of my control. It’s very frustrating. It’s moments like these I wish that I could just say poof, and the books would magically appear on store shelves.

Got any questions for me about production scheduling? Just stick them in the comments. I’ll answer them as I see them.

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