Just because I’ve been gone forever, I see no reason not to continue with my usual program. So, on to today’s tip.

Tip of the Week: Don’t write until you wear out.

This is not really my tip. It’s something I learned from one of my creative writing classes a while back — I believe from A. LaFaye, but I could be wrong. Anyway, the point is not to write everything in your head until you’re drained. The idea is to leave a little something for you to think about, and more importantly, dream about. That way you have something to start with when you go to write the next day. This tip works regardless of whether or not you’re a disciplined writer who works exactly 2 hours a day or you’re a sporadic writer. However, if you’re afraid you’ll forget that brilliant plot twist you’re saving for the next day, be sure to make a note of it somewhere. Life sometimes has a way of chasing even the most memorable ideas out of your head.

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