Nothing is more exciting than waiting for a publishing contract. I’ve recieved a whooping 3 in my life (one of which was for a short story and one of which I mercifully got canceled since I hadn’t been all that keen on getting it in ther first place). And even when I knew what the contract would say and what little negotiating power I had, it was still exciting. Much less exciting is sending those contracts out. Agents and lawyers argue. Authors can sit back and be uninvolved in that process (after all, that’s why they have an agent), but an editor or publisher has to okay every change.

This is all coming out because I got my stock illustrator work-for-hire contract from my lawyer today. This is the blank jumping off point for all work-for-hire’s in the future. I have a similiar royalty-based one for authors. In fact I owe an author one now. When I say jumping off point, I mean that even these standard contracts are negotiable. Everything can be discussed.

And even when I have all the current CBAY contracts done, there are always BTP ones and future contracts. The cycle never ends. And who would want it to?

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