Well, the first day of the online conference is over. Ideas and knowledge have been flying around the web at the rate of around 800 emails a day. (For once I am not exagerating. I believe I got over 800 emails from the conference board yesterday.) Alas, only one of those were for me. I like to think that my course notes were so thorough that no one has any questions. However, I think it’s more likely that with my last name being in the second half of the alphabet that most people just haven’t gotten to me yet. There’s so much good stuff ahead of me.

I also discovered that many of the presenters are doing excercises, so I thought up one too. I’m sharing with you all because some of you might like to join in. I’m having my people write me a full-blown query (letter, plot summary, first 15 pages) and I will take three of the most instructive ones to show what does and does not work. I’ve decided to do the same thing here on the blog. So, if by next Wedensday you can draft a query letter you would like me to review, send it to this email address: conferenceemail@cbayprod.com with the words MADELINE SMOOT Practice Query in the subject line. Attach your query as a single .doc or .rtf attachment. And I’ll look it over. I won’t send you comments on all of them. I’ll just again choose 3. So, if you send a query you can’t mind my posting parts of it. Don’t send that super-sensitive idea you won’t let anyone see. Also, these are practice queries. I’m not going to ask to see the full manuscript regardless how wonderful the query is. Just thought I’d mention it.

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