This is the last book I get to read for a while, so I’m glad I read one with a bang. Actually, several bangs. Explosions and gunshots happen throughout the book. Part old-fashioned space opera, part pirate tale (set in space) the book follows two Victorian-era kids as they flee from crazed alien spiders determined to kill them. If you are sitting there going Victorian-era children in space, how?, the anwer is quite simple. Newton, in this book, has discovered not only the laws of gravity, but also during his alchemical studies came across a formula that allows for space flight. And of course, the space that they find is the kind they expected to find in that period — not our vaccum void, but an ocean of space teeming with life. In fact, space is very much an ocean with the British Royal Space Navy protecting all of Her Majesty’s extraterrestial holdings.

A great story with lots of Victorianisms and real people from history thrown in for fun, I highly reccommend this book. After all, you may have already read some of Phillip Reeve’s other works. He did the Mortal Engines series although come to think of it I think the series has it’s own name — Hungry City Chronicles or something like that.

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