This is not turning into a review blog, but instead of writing on my thesis last night, I got excited and read the new Dianna Wynne Jones book. I’m a big fan of Jones’s books. My all-time favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle. The blatant subversion of classic fairy-tale convention is wonderful. And any author who dreams up a world where the people have been forced to live like a Lord of the Rings theme park like the characters of Darklord of Derkholm has just the right sort of twisted sense of humor. So, I was thrilled when I found a new Jones book on one of our display tables. And then my heart fell. It was a Chrestomanci novel. I’m not a huge fan of the loosely-related Chrestomanci novels. This probably has something to do with my reading them out of order. That and I find The Nine Lives of Christopher Chant (or something like that), the book you should read first, hard to follow. Still, this one was good! I stayed up until 1 finishing it. Now, it probably won’t make much sense without having read Christopher Chant book or the book about the character Cat called Charmed Life. Still, it was well done without the confusing world-hopping prevelant in the other books. There are also plenty of strong characters both male and female. Long and the short, if you can get through the first two books, this book is highly enjoyable. And if that’s not just a glowing endorsement, then I don’t know what is.

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