I’m suffering from Sporadic Internet Accesibility and the related Blog Withdrawl Syndromes. Very sad. I shall only be able to post every now and then for the next week as we try to get the old house saleable. So, no editing, only painting and carpet shampooing and packing and other delightful activities.

Oh, and as a follow-up to the Summer Shorts Contest, I have now notified my 1 Grand-Prize, 5 Winners and 9 Honorable Mentions. Everyone else, thank you so much for entering. I hope to see all of you again when my next contest roles around. I think we’ll have to do something monumental when my picture book (actually written by me! comes out next year. I’m thinking something mind-blowing, never-been-done-in-the-history-of-book-contests kind of contest. I should start brain-storming now.

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