Tip of the Week: Keep track of all of your submissions.

And by track, I mean in something like a spreadsheet even if it’s a handwritten one in a columnar ledger. You need to remember who you sent a manuscript to, when you sent it, and their response. Part of this is so that one of your manuscripts won’t languish for years in someone’s slush pile. We won’t name names. Okay, probably mine. You have no idea how easy it is for a manuscript to slip through a crack. Literally. Yesterday while packing for the Great Move, I found a 17 month-old manuscript hiding between my file cabinet and a book case. Also, you need to know where you’ve sent the stuff. Unless an editor or agent specifically asks to see a rewrite of that particular manuscript, you don’t get to send it to them again. Nothing is more annoying than getting an unasked for rewrite of a suspense manuscript when the main reason you rejected it was because you already had acquired 12 suspense manuscripts for the next 3 years. And finally, the nice little chart of your submissions will help you to visualize your submission process. Do you always submit to the same places but only recieve form letters? Try somewhere else. You get the picture.

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